• Beata Viscera

    Beata Viscera

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  • Frames and freedom

    Frames and freedom

    Knausgaard on periods of boundlessness | imperfectionism no.1 “To be human is to categorise, subdivide, identify and define, to limit and to frame”, writes Karl Ove Knausgård in his novel Autumn, captioned as a letter to his unborn daughter. The first movement in a quartet of the seasons, Autumn is a collection of short essays on the every day. It’s…… Read more

  • A limit of hearing

    A limit of hearing

    Winner of Berwick Composition Prize. Not unlike its sister piece Everything has two endings, A limit of hearing is about real and imagined sounds. The piece takes its title from a poem by Jane Hirshfield which describes that there is more to things than at first seems. Once we realise that the experience of sound…… Read more

  • Woudgeluide


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  • Shy but connected

    Shy but connected

    This piece explores the sentiment of ‘shy but connected’, inspired by a phenomenon that occurs among trees of the same species by which they create channel-like spacing between themselves and their neighbours in order to avoid brushing up against each other. The striking visual beauty of ‘canopy shyness’, known also as ‘crown shyness’, is quite…… Read more

  • Everything has two endings

    Everything has two endings

    Can a musical line have two endings? What about a painted or spoken line? A sister work to A limit of hearing, this piece explores the idea that everything is an ending of something, and the beginning of something else. “Everything has two endings-a horse, a piece of string, a phone call. Before a life,…… Read more